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The Project Inspire Education (P.I.E) Brief: Corps Member Community Development Service in Abia State, Nigeria
October 13 , 2015
Files included:


The 1st Inter-Community Schools’ Competition which was organized for Schools within Bende Local Government, ended on Saturday 26th September in Pomp &Pageantry!!!  

43 contestants from 10 Schools (in Alayi, Item, Igbere & Uzuakoli Zones) participated in the 3 categories of the competition; Debate, Spelling Bee & Live Art Contest, out of the Eighteen (20) Invited Schools.

All 43 contestants were awarded Certificates of Participation (Signed by the Transitional Council Chairman of the Local Government), 7 were awarded Certificates of Honour (4th&5th positions) &9winners (1st-3rd) were given Plaque Awards. Scholarships were awarded to the Overall Best 6 Students, while all the 15 finalists got General Knowledge Textbooks, Lots of Notebooks, Biros, Dictionaries, Mathematical Sets, Customized Shirts &Bibles. All 120 students who attended the event were given stationeries, and a few extra active ones among them went home with special gifts.

The Grand-finale of the Education based project was graced by His Lordship -the Bishop of Item Diocese, Rt. Rev. Udo Nnmeregini (Who was Chairman of the Occasion). The T.C Chairman of Bende LGA was ably represented as well as Prof. (Mrs.) Regina Ogali -National President of Amaokwe Women Wing Home &Abroad. 

At the end of the competition, 15 years old Miss Chukwu Ezinne of Wesley Comprehensive College was named “Overall Best Speaker of The Year” while Mr. Simon Chukwuemeka (Ummunato Community Secondary School) and Miss Ndukwe Chinomso (Wesley Comprehensive College) came joint Second Best Speakers. Fourth Position went to Mr. Bema Smart Kaddy (Wesley Comprehensive College) and Fifth was Miss Onwukwe Charity of Ummunato Community Secondary School.

In the Spelling Category, Miss Onwuchekwa Ugonna of Secondary Commercial School Alayi, was awarded the ”Word Champion Of The Year” as first position and from the same Secondary Commercial also came Second position in the person of Miss Kalu Chioma, while the third position went to Miss Uchechukwu Chidinma Princess of Girls Secondary School, Uzuakoli. Miss Ndukwe Chinomso of Wesley Comprehensive College was Fourth while Miss Agu Chioma Benica (Amaekpu Community Secondary School) came Fifth.

For the Art Contest, Mr. Eke Elendu of Amaekpu Community Secondary School emerged the ”Artist Of The Year” and was closely followed by Mr. Ikechukwu Michael of Wesley Comprehensive college as “Best Supporting Artist.” Third Position went to Mr. Okeychukwu Kingsley of Igbere Secondary School, while Fourth and Fifth positions went to Mr. Sunday Promise (Ummunato Community Secondary School) and Mr. Isaac Kalu (Item High School).

The judges who came from Port-Harcourt, Ilorin and All over Abia, were really amazed at the level of intelligence displayed by the contestants given the environment. 11 years old Miss Uchechukwu Jennifer of Girls Secondary School Uzuakoli, who was the youngest participant left the audience, guests and judges Wowed by her dazzling performance. Unfortunately, she dropped out of the spelling Bee in the final rounds. Also was 15 years Old Miss Ezinne Chukwu who despite being very Ill emerged the Overall Best Debater.

The winners now prepare to visit the T.C Chairman of Bende Local government and possibly the Deputy Speaker, Abia State House of Assembly.

This entire education based project was put together for all secondary schools in Bende by Corper Adesina Deborah an indigene of Oyo State (serving in Amaokwe Item) with the help of a few of her fellow Corp members (in the Camp Axis of Bende Local Government) whom she described as the Best team ever.  Corper Deborah, who graduated with a First Class honors degree and was the Overall Best Student in the Entire Benson Idahosa University, said the idea for Project Inspire Education (P.I.E) was born out of her passion to see the students in her host community (Amaokwe Item) and beyond, succeed in Life.  In her words “I may not be able to correct all the ills in my society, but for this situation that has to do with a zero-motivation for education, students would rather take shortcuts to make money, I just had to do something. With this project which has never happened before, we have impacted lives and changed destinies and I hope someone else will build on it while I look for the next community to impact, I thank everyone who made this a huge success.”

Rt. Rev. Udo Nmeregini (Bishop of Methodist Church, Item Diocese) who was chairman of the event had this to say about the organiser; “Corper Deborah is a Fighter. In fact, I call her Iron Lady because today she has done beyond the boundaries of what ladies can do. She was so determined to contribute to the community in Education that she refused to let the strong oppositions she faced to stop her. Even though the NYSC Scheme might not recognize her laudable efforts, God Almighty will definitely reward her and Children will certainly never forget her.”

Sir (Dr.) Emmanuel Akwari Ukpabi of Flour Mills, was awarded “P.I.E Official Sponsor” while Prof. (Mrs.) Regina Ogali was given the “Pillar of Education” award. The T.C. Chairman Chief (Hon.) Emma Rocks Ukwu was awarded “P.I.E Patron” and the Chairman of the occasion, Rt. Rev Udo Nnmeregini, received the “Grand Patron” Award.


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ndndndnic      Reply     2017-12-29 16:09:12     

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