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McCain, Feinstein, McDonough visit Guantanamo Bay
June 09 , 2013

Sen. John McCain, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough are three American officials who recently completed a tour on Guatanamo Bay on Friday, June 7. 

According to National Security Council Spokeswoman, Caitlin Hayden, the trio were in Cuba to "review the situation there and discuss the steps that we can take with the Congress to meet the President’s goal of closing the facility."

Releasing a statement after the visit, the three officials had this to say:

"We have just completed a tour and briefings of the detention facilities and operations at Guantanamo Bay.  We very much appreciate the support today from Rear Admiral John Smith and the personnel at Guantanamo, and their dedicated service in detaining the 166 individuals here in a safe and respectful way.

We continue to believe that it is in our national interest to end detention at Guantanamo, with a safe and orderly transition of the detainees to other locations.

We intend to work, with a plan by Congress and the Administration together, to take the steps necessary to make that happen.

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Lisa      Reply     2016-03-02 10:18:57     

Bill:Bush did what the liberals watend him to do. You are the ones that have been complaining about Gitmo. So he releases some of these guys, at your urging, and he is a dumbass?Wow, have you no sense of decency? Now [url=]bxbbrxbyrn[/url] [link=]wrnfigplpa[/link]

Jass      Reply     2016-03-02 04:56:40     

You are just plain wrong about the rights you eneaurmte. There is no provision in the Constitution that says its terms apply only to citizens. You want proof in writing? Read the . Then, for your further edification, read the texts of the As for the treatment of prisoners, are you suggesting that the U.S. should set its standards by those of other abusive regimes? I believe that we should live by a higher set of principles that we set for ourselves.

Mano      Reply     2016-02-18 03:59:17     

The one thing I think you at the ACLU are forgetting is only five of the deeneatis may have any right there. Of the 770 or so deeneatis there, none of them are U.S. Citizens and there fore do not have the same rights as the rest of us do. They do not have the right to a speedy trail. They do not have the right to remain silent. They do not have a right to a trail by jury. Also before going off and raving about how they are being treated so poorly you may want to do more research and see how they would have been treated in their homeland. Yes, you have your right to say your opinion and I have the same right to say mine as I have here to say mine. But do the research on the topic and post the facts and if you say these detainee have these right show your proof in writing that says this.

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