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Cuba releases American prisoner Alan Gross
December 17 , 2014

Cuban government on Wednesday released American Alan Gross, a contractor who since 2009 was held by the communist state. The release was part of a swap deal in which the US government will release three Cubans.

Gross, 65, was accused for hooking people up to the internet for USAIDís programs, an act considered illegal in Cuba. He was then tried and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

US President Barack Obama is to announce the release on Wednesday and to talk about future plans on US-Cuba relations.


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Kristanna      Reply     2016-07-12 17:37:04     

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Keyanna      Reply     2016-07-12 01:21:31     

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Jolanta      Reply     2015-07-31 04:50:04     

”As for your suggestion that men are minliragazed in our society, I don’t say it’s not there. I just don’t see it as much. (Perhaps I would see it more if I watched television.) Also, my sense is that women are still minliragazed in more pervasive, institutional and harmful ways.”Andrea, when you state it that way, there’s no problem - one type of marginalization feeds the other, in a cycle. So you attack women’s marginalization, and it will help with men’s marginalization. What is happening is a renegotiation of the division of labor between the sexes, and it has ben uneven. In the past the division was basically women got the responsibility and authority at hoem (children) and men had the corresonding role outside the home (work, some religions, since God was out there). Even as recently as a century ago most men and women simply could not get by on their own. Now they can. Women don’t want the economic dependence of having to rely on a man’s income, so they demand and get access to jobs that used ot be off limits. Men no longer need women to make thier clothes or make their food. All that can be bought outside the home now. The big snag has to do with children. Women have pretty broad access to jobs in society, and generally the only areas where they are underrepresented are areas where they are not very eager to enter - combat and other dangewrous and dirty work - you don’t hear women clamoring to get into the crab fishing fleet, for instance. Men do not have the same access or control over homelife. There is the general perception that children belong to women. This colors the debate on abortion for instance, since preproductive issues get snaffled up in bodily integrity issues. We as men are told ”too bad; that’s just biology - you can’t have a law to fix every quirk of nature.” but funny thing; we have laws to fix all kinds of natural inequalities -for instance male adultery can never be as serious as female adultery, since a man can never pass off some other woman’s child on an unsuspecting wife and compel her to put 18 years of her life into raising it; at worst ehr sense of security is shaken, and maybe her vanity - but nevermind, the law and the culture regard both types of adultery as equal. (And I agree.) So we are not doomed to live with the inequalities nature imposes, unless we are men, it seems.I think a lot of this is temporary. It is what in the Army is called ”the pain of transition” It is the price of building a better world. And it is tempeorary - men are getting fed up and will end it eventually, but not as fast as the women who love them - women are usually much louder about the way their men are mishandled then the men are themselves. Helen is one of these women.

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