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Cuba releases American prisoner Alan Gross

Cuban government on Wednesday released American Alan Gross, a contractor who since 2009 was held by the communist state. The release was part of a swap deal in which the US government will release ... +

McCain, Feinstein, McDonough visit Guantanamo Bay

Sen. John McCain, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough are three American officials who recently completed a tour on Guatanamo Bay on Friday, June 7. 

Ac... +

President Obama signs Violence Against Women Act

U.S. President Barack Obama signed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) bill into law today.

VAWA 2013 is an expanded version of what was first signed into law in 1994 by President Bill Clin... +

President Obama wants Republican house to "act"

”Congressional Republicans chose to make severe budget cuts instead of closing tax loopholes for millionaires,” an update today on the twitter account ran by an Organizing for Action staff for Pres... +

Bloomberg endorses Obama

Less than 8 days to election, endorsements have been flying around in both Democratic and Republican camps.

The latest is a surprise endorsement of President Obama from New York City Mayor Mi... +

Presidential election not really a horse race - Ohio Gov. John Kasich

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said he’s ”...not sure the election is going to be as close as what everybody is talking about today.” He had earlier in his statement tipped Gov. Romney to win Ohio, a battle... +

Sentenced to life imprisonment at 16, now 36

Jacqueline Montanez is now 36 years old. 

20 years ago, at age 16, she was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. The hearing was done under an adult ... +

Today's Vice Presidential debate

If you were not happy with President Obama’s performance at the first Presidential debate on October 3rd at Denver and are eager to watch the next one, you will have to wait till October 16 when th... +

US Senator Rick Santorum has a new book out

Senator Rick Santorum just released a book titled “American Patriots” – Answering the Call to Freedom.

http://www.p... +

Now that US unemployment rate is 7.8 percent

Report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that
114,000 new jobs were added in September, and as a consequence, the employment
rate declined by 0.3 percentage point to 7.8 perc...

After the debate

The first presidential debate hosted by the University of Denver and moderated by Jim Lehrer came to an end with a CNN Poll of watchers where 67% believed Gov. Romney fared better and 25% saying Pr... +

How about the US Presidential debate today?

PBS NewsHour host Jim Lehrer is not new moderating Presidential debates, so don’t expect him to have qualms asking President Obama, “what happened to the deficit?” or to Governor Romney, “isn’t you... +

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