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After the debate
October 04 , 2012

The first presidential debate hosted by the University of Denver and moderated by Jim Lehrer came to an end with a CNN Poll of watchers where 67% believed Gov. Romney fared better and 25% saying President Obama did better.

More post debate details to come.


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Dadi      Reply     2014-06-21 22:08:37     

Jun12Jimincent One is an unknown, no wait, both are uwnnokns.One makes sense, no wait, neither make sense.One thinks he can change the world on his own(Paul)One I have never heard of (Johnson)One I wish I had never heard of (Paul). Oh, yes, I do know about him. I have been in his district for years. Are you one of his staff posting for him? Federal money paid so staff members can spend time on the internet getting his name out there.

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