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Nigeria governor grants amnesty to prisoners on death row

Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, governor of Edo State, Nigeria, has granted amnesty to Monday Odu and Callistus Ikem, who were earlier sentenced to death for conspiracy and conspiracy/armed robbery respe... +

Libya gets new prime minister

Ali Zeidan becomes Libya’s new prime minister.

The career diplomat and rebel-in-exile was selected after he got 93 votes, 8 more to oust his closest contender Mohamed al... +

Provide a detailed intervention plan on Mali, UN says

The UN Security Council on Fridayreached a unanimous resolution that approves an international military intervention in northern Mali where there’s a stronghold of rebels and Islamist e... +

EU awarded 2012 Nobel Prize for Peace

The Nobel Prize for Peace was today awarded to the European Union.

... +

Today's Vice Presidential debate

If you were not happy with President Obama’s performance at the first Presidential debate on October 3rd at Denver and are eager to watch the next one, you will have to wait till October 16 when th... +

Chinese writer Mo Yan wins 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature

A look up on the search engines opens up dozens of works published by Chinese author, Guan Moye (writes under the pseudonym Mo Yan) who was recently awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature.

... +

Today is World Death Penalty Day

Since 2003, October 10 has remained World Day against the Death Penalty. This initiative was championed by the World Coalition, an organization who sole aim is to create a death penalty-free world.... +

Police arrest 13 people in Aluu killings in Nigeria

Rivers State Police Command has arrested 13 people suspected to be among the mob that attacked and burned alive four students of the University of Port Harcourt.

The police spokesperson said,... +

Police investigating killings in Nigerian university communities

Rivers State Police Command, Nigeria, is investigating the lynching of four men at Aluu Community in Port Harcourt. The men, who were beaten and burned by angry mobs in the community claiming they ... +

Turkey launches retaliatory strike on Syria

Turkey and Syria are in a military showdown for the fourth day.

A Syrian bomb fired into Turkey during a military combat between the Syrian government and rebels killed 5 Turkish civilians. T... +

US Senator Rick Santorum has a new book out

Senator Rick Santorum just released a book titled “American Patriots” – Answering the Call to Freedom.

http://www.p... +

Now that US unemployment rate is 7.8 percent

Report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that
114,000 new jobs were added in September, and as a consequence, the employment
rate declined by 0.3 percentage point to 7.8 perc...

After the debate

The first presidential debate hosted by the University of Denver and moderated by Jim Lehrer came to an end with a CNN Poll of watchers where 67% believed Gov. Romney fared better and 25% saying Pr... +

How about the US Presidential debate today?

PBS NewsHour host Jim Lehrer is not new moderating Presidential debates, so don’t expect him to have qualms asking President Obama, “what happened to the deficit?” or to Governor Romney, “isn’t you... +

Was Nigeria President right about his Transparency International claim?

The Summary 

Comparing Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Indexes for 2001 and 2011, Nigeria was the 3rd (tied with Poland) most improved country in fighting corru... +

Oshiomhole declared winner of Gubernatorial polls

Oshiomhole returns to Dennis Osadebe Avenue for 2nd Term.

Yesterday, 477,478 voters thumb-printed Adams Oshiomhole as Governor of Edo State for 2nd term.

Here’s the result as announced ... +

2nd Edo State 2012 Governorship debate

Edo State, Nigeria.

Adams Oshiomhole (ACN), Charles Arhiavbere (PDP), and Solomon Edebiri (ANPP) were the Edo State gubernatorial candidates who participated in a 3-hour debate today, explain... +

Supreme court upholds Health Care Law

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), popularly dubbed Obamacare, comes with lots of goodies - making children stay under their parents’ plans till age 26, making sure Insurance... +

Bomb blasts hit churches in Northern Nigeria, igniting retaliation

EWCA Church in Wassa area of Zaria and CKC Church in Sabon Gari, Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria were attacked on Sunday by suicide bombers.

According to eye-witnesses’ accounts, one of the su... +

Rick Santorum launches Patriot Voices

Early this year, Rick Santorum shocked the GOP by winning not just the Iowa Caucus, but 10 other states: comfortably managing 2nd place in the GOP Presidential Primaries behind eventual nominee, Mi... +

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