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Just being together
February 12 , 2014

e guy to come begging and one of the things he said was and I quote ďI know that we donít have normal conversations and you donít know me well, I have a good side, I will change.Ē I laughed hard when I was told this story. Please the moral of this story is getting to know your partner is the best. Knowing his or her likes, dislikes, views, and aspirations is as important as anything you can think of in your relationship. What if the guy had attempted to get to know this girl better maybe they would have been at a different place now.

Some couples make little effort in achieving a compassionate romance rather they go after only the passionate one. While passion is good and important to romance we have to understand that love based on intense sexual desire, anxiety and affection alone cannot fully fuel a relationship. Rather relationships and the romance in them will strive better from the compassionate point of view, which is respect, sharing and caring and finding common grounds.

Itís always advisable to find the ying yang in every relationship so as not to overfeed it or starve it to death. Find balance in all you do, time is too little for you not to express yourself and be all you can be while in love.

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