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Just being together
February 12 , 2014

At times I canít help but ask myself if some people understand what romance really is, romance is a pleasurable feeling of excitement and wonder when being associated with another person. Itís not all about the sexual activities a lot of couples constantly engage in. I am certain that a lot of guys and ladies donít understand the meaning of just being together, thatís why itís advised for young teens to leave relationship matters till they can understand better what it entails. Statistics, it could be inferred, says a high percentage, approximately fifty percent, of teenagers have engaged in sexual activity before the age of 18 (according to the Center for Disease Control).

A lot of relationships today are purely sexual ones. Most couples have forgotten the beauty in hanging out, having fun, having laughs, being playful and expressing the inner joy you feel by just being together. Okay test your relationship, when last did you have a conversation, when last did you talk about the future and what you would like it to be, when last did you share your dreams with your partner, take a walk, watch a movie together, cook together, arm wrestling, attempt to sing together (attempt ohh), when last did you send each other voice notes, massage his or her hands, feet or even back, when last did you play with your partner, when last did you relax and breathe with your partner or lay your hand on his or her chest and count their heart beats as you felt it, when last were you tickled till you couldnít breathe, where last did your partner attempt to braid your hair and when last did you attempt to put make up on his face (for jokes), when last did you do stuffs just for doing sake to bring you together. Most relationships these days are a money vs. sex battleground we forget that life is too beautiful and love is too nice to be categorized into those two stern sectors.

Thereís this relationship I knew right, the guy and girl only had conversations when the guy was wooing the girl, once the girl agreed to date him, the first time she visited him at home it turned out to be a make out session. She thought maybe it was just an impulsive act and wouldnít be repeated again but over time the story was not as she thought. She didnít know where he came from and what he did for fun, his likes and his dislikes. This continued till the girl was tired of the relationship and thatís when she opted out. Only for th

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aornitglmnln      Reply     2019-02-07 17:24:18

ここで、ラフィク 必要なリンク

dpokmlsawe 22.02.2019 2:58 640822691 183661892 704132144 530649661

kpcbyrgrrniq      Reply     2019-02-07 13:33:59

またとないです またとないです

dpokmlsawe 29.02.2019 21:30 93490356 100484254 734991555 314706869

ibieuzkzvppu      Reply     2019-02-07 07:26:22

またとないです ここで、ラフィク

dpokmlsawe 29.02.2019 2:30 597232165 815272709 220189784 201289756

qektnutclwkp      Reply     2019-02-06 23:54:30

緊急メッセージ ここで、ラフィク

dpokmlsawe 29.02.2019 23:32 141987074 942764097 588267897 254360892

hqzyfgvmxvrb      Reply     2019-02-06 23:34:40

またとないです またとないです

dpokmlsawe 26.02.2019 24:13 894670448 37904848 133205624 129844698

adeapprshenv      Reply     2019-02-06 22:57:12

またとないです ここで、ラフィク

dpokmlsawe 23.02.2019 3:45 254320792 551608803 596576198 507779772

jozqwyhlnslk      Reply     2019-02-06 21:55:45

またとないです またとないです

dpokmlsawe 27.02.2019 3:10 550896528 207666543 317117343 434120950

cjcjesyxauqx      Reply     2019-02-06 21:37:21

ここで、ラフィク またとないです

dpokmlsawe 23.02.2019 3:11 514406597 864429256 120067577 409362039

njjwzcgjschp      Reply     2019-02-06 21:19:16

必要なリンク ここで、ラフィク

dpokmlsawe 29.02.2019 24:15 407065155 148254020 122519332 991998420

qqdxoadeqqyj      Reply     2019-02-06 20:40:45

またとないです ここで、ラフィク

dpokmlsawe 26.02.2019 19:24 144754121 737115531 716733899 201051809

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