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Winning a scholarship I
February 12 , 2014

Picking a wonderful quote made by an educationist and a freedom-fighter; late Nelson Mandela, from my last article titled Empowerment through scholarship, he said and I quote, “a good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.” He reiterated further that, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Almost everybody in an education world wishes to have a scholarship at one point or the other in their academic sojourn but in spite of everyone wanting one, scholarships are complicated things. This article looks at ways you can increase your chances of winning the highly coveted scholarships.

Much strife to fill out forms and apply for the few candid ones that are available and only a small number of people get them. It appears that there are even many of those scholarship offers out there that go unexploited on a yearly basis. Scholarships cannot be placed in the same category as loans as they differ due to the fact that they are free money that does not require any pay back or interest, hence, they are highly coveted things. And for every soon-to-be graduate or intern-interested student, scholarships are brilliant resume boosters and make an eye-catching effect on any resume. 

For someone hoping to win a scholarship, the most excellent way to start seeking scholarships is to embark on series of enquiries and search. Most colleges and universities have affiliations with several local, international and private/individual scholarship boards. More often than not, the various scholarships will be highlighted on the school’s website; however, a scholarship applicant can always make enquiries as to their genuineness and availability. When this has been confirmed, one can find out how much is up for grabs as scholarship offer and the reasons why they are established. In actual fact, scholarships are not handed over to an applicant on a platter of gold; although some people might be lucky with theirs, you must definitely do your research and application. 

One of the few ways to increase your chances of winning scholarships is to pay attention to details and contents. Scholarships always come with ample instructions explaining and showing directions on how to effectively and efficiently apply for scholarships. Such information can be found in books, scholarship board websites and also referrals from previous successful winners of scholarships.

Also, scholarship is like a game or lottery; the more you apply, the better and increasing your chances of winning one. Though it is difficult to become successful as a scholarship applicant yet people win it every now and then and commitment is a vital key in been successful with a scholarship application. Be committed to apply for every opportunity that comes around and also follow it through. A good number of scholarship winners will let you know that it is of the essence that you never give up applying for scholarships – because giving up means you may never win.

As hard as it may look, if you put enough effort into your application, there is every tendency that you will see at least one or two that go with your interests and credentials. Yes, it takes much persistence and time, but you are bound to find a scholarship meant just for you.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Learn more about this author, Odunayo Iyiola.
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постоянная температура 20-22° С, при хранении клубней - не ниже 13 ”С. Японский гладиолус (фото передает все очарование и ярко-оранжевую красоту садового растения) комфортно себя чувствует в рыхловатой, хорошо дренированной, богатой перегноем почве. Смоченную в растворе марлю раз в сутки прикладывать к больному месту. прекращение удобрения и подкормок; Методы внедрения средств Низкорослые травянистые формы. Литуаника – фиалка, описание которой дано в публикации, - цветет долго и щедро. Внесение первой подкормки проводится ранешней в весеннюю пору, крайняя осуществляется в конце июля, по окончании цветения и с началом роста молодых побегов. защищает от различных вредных насекомых; по мере необходимости субстрат рекомендуется увлажнять, ежедневно проветривать и удалять со стекла образующийся конденсат.
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После полного просыхания можно ставить продукты на свои места. Для этого необходимо позаботиться о независящих источниках влаги. Резких перепадов не любит. В природе: тропики Южной Африки. Внимание: трипсы легко перебираются с пораженного растения на стоящие рядом здоровые. Ежели вы увидели, что по квартире летает бабочка, означает, кое-где есть ее потомство. Для этого, обычно, довольно часть длинноватого побега прикрепить шпилькой (лучше деревянной) к другому горшку с землей и слегка присыпать в этом месте - через некоторое время в этом месте появятся корешки, и растения можно будет поделить. Однако при работе с данными веществами принципиально соблюдать все правила и обеспечить безопасность жильцов.

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