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Just being together

At times I canít help but ask myself if some people understand what romance really is, romance is a pleasurable feeling of excitement and wonder when being associated with another person. Itís not all... +

Myths of relationship

Just coming back from my desert hunt for words and came out with some funny notions and myths that I want us to share, itís basically some notions that people carry out in family and relationship m... +

A huge mess

How are we? Okay, I agree, this is a strange way to start an article, but itís because of the strangeness of the topic I have in mind. I donít even know what it should be called thatís why I gave i... +

The excitement of pet names

This title is so self-explanatory, I couldnít think of anything more. I was just smiling to myself when thinking about the strange pet names Iíve been called of recent. I was never one for words th... +

The power of a compliment

Compliments are simple words that extraordinarily brighten up our day. From a truthful mouth it works wonders on our esteem, knowingly or unknowingly. These are little words that we say to those we... +

Double dating

When a guy or a lady dates 2, 3 or more people (trust me some do) at the same time, we would safely say he or she is double dating.

Letís use this illustration. John is dating Jane, Jane hasn... +

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