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Dandruff: Home remedies that do the trick!

You know that awkward moment when your colleague at work whom you consider a friend asks ”Hey what’s that on your shoulders? Like grains of sand or flakes of something...” Or that... +

Fashion versus Style

The key to personal style is understanding your individual beauty enough to know which looks will work for you and which probably won’t. - Stacy London 

Let us get this straight: K... +

How do your clothes make you feel?

Have you ever looked in the mirror after dressing up and felt like a million dollars, not because your clothes cost that much but because something about the entire ensemble made you feel all warmi... +

Protective hairstyling

It’s that time of the year again when protecting the hair is of utmost importance. Protective hairstyling helps the hair rest from chemicals, physical disturbances (pulling and tugging at the roots... +

Hair: how often should I wash?

To wash or not to wash seems to be the question.

Being a nappy head, I’ve had a lot of folks ask me how often I wash my hair. In the beginning, my answer used to be very simple. ”... +

How to Wear Retro Right

It’s not news that Retro is the new glam and from what I see all day, every day, not everyone can pull off the retro style; Not a lot of people even know what Retro style is about and even a ... +

Beauty: How much make-up is too much make-up?

There’s a fine line between just enough and too much makeup. But knowing where that line falls can be tough.

In this post, I’ll be giving you a few pointers on where to draw the lines w... +

Fashion Faux Pas: Cease and Desist II

I promised to do a sequel to the FASHION FAUX PAS post so here we are! Last post talked about fashion fails from CAMEL TOES to BUTT CRACKS & WHALE TAILS from too much CLEAVAGE to VISIBLE PANTY ... +

Let's talk about bras...

The breasts are a woman’s crowning glory and bras are the tiara’s with which they’re adorned. As sure as there is a tiara for every occasion, there is a bra for every outfit. Ther... +

Good hair?

Everyone loves good hair. EVERYONE. It looks good. It smells good. It feels good. Women struggle to get it. Men absolutely love it. 

There is a big question though: WHAT IS GOOD HAIR?&nb... +

Healthy eyes: What To Do

The eyes have been said to reflect the kind of person we are and we often take much care in enhancing them typically by applying eye-shadow, eye-liner, contact lenses and other eye products. We act... +

Fashion Faux Pas: Cease and Desist

Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.

{Attributed to Coco Chanel (1883 - 1971) French fashion designer.}

Coco Chanel probably had something else going on... +

Dressing your age: As the decades stack up

I know it can get difficult with all the fashion trends that we’re bamboozled with on a daily basis. One is not even sure what is acceptable anymore. However, one can tell what is age-appropriate b... +

5 Natural remedies for a Healthy Skin

Everyone wants a healthy skin. No one wants their skin to look like something a cat smeared vomit on. We all want a clear complexion no matter the colour - Dark Chocolate, Brown Chocolate, Yellow, ... +

Quick Fix!

Clear Nail Polish, Black thread, white thread, little needle, big needle, Glue, Staplers, cello tape, handkerchief, baby wipes. 

These are a few of my favourite carry around... +

Stay Youthful, Age Gracefully

Aging is inevitable but there’s such a thing as aging gracefully! 

Last year, I saw an episode of doctors and I was astonished at how these Divas of the silverscreen looked so great afte... +

Cash and Style: Close Relatives?

I’m a big fan of style. I’m also of the school of thought that unanimously agree your clothes don’t have to be expensive to be chic or glamorous. It doesn’t have to be haute couture to gi... +

Much ado about healthy nails?

Chances are that you’ve never considered this but nails are important. Apart from helping with tiny tasks like picking up little objects, they also show a sign of good health or otherwise (weak nai... +

What's your flavour?

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts re so quick, fashion is instant language.” Miuccia Prada

You know how when you go off to buy a pa... +

Chemicals and Hair: Tired and want out?

No matter what you’ve been led to believe, HAIR IS SERIOUS BUSINESS! Personally, I’ve had my fair share of “hairpisodes”…Times when I wore it all Jheried out, sometimes I had it permed. Sometimes d... +

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