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The power of a compliment
November 19 , 2013

Compliments are simple words that extraordinarily brighten up our day. From a truthful mouth it works wonders on our esteem, knowingly or unknowingly. These are little words that we say to those we care for; itís a way of expressing yourself positively towards another person.

Though the popular assumption of people is that women are the most accepting of compliments, most would even say that we seek and crave for it. It could be argued though in another school of thought that even our men are appreciative of a little once in a while. Take my father for example, when I call him young bobo (young man) you would see all his 32 teeth and he would turn from side to side to display his self better, as a peacock would do (he had better not see Let me not even get down to my motherís reaction when we tell her she looks beautiful or else you would be reading for days. ††

When I was still in school, in my all girls hostel, I had this room mate who wouldnít leave the room or let anyone leave the room till we all assure her or she assures us how beautiful we looked or smelled. To clarify, though, itís not a self-seeking way of getting people to say something nice or a low self esteem issue at that, it was just a little culture she grew with and she ensured that she passed it on to other ladies. A lot of people see something that they like, or something that is beautiful and they swallow the kind words down; they donít take into consideration that a kind word a day can keep smiles rolling in.

In definitive terms a compliment is just an expression of approval, admiration and RESPECT for another person. Yes respect. Most people think compliments are synonymous to flattery (even Microsoft word does), but this idea is wrong. Flattery is the complete opposite, flattery is a false praise given to someone. Even the Good book says a soft word can calm a person.

So let us all try it out today. Letís look for three people and tell them how beautiful, wonderful, nice, lovely and, amazing they are. Letís compliment that tie of our coworker, letís tell that lady beside us how pretty she looks and how she makes the sun look more yellow (lol). And for our married couples lets wake up and remind our spouses with sweet words the reason why we said I do, and for the men the reason why we asked our wives on a bent knee Ďwould you marry meí. Letís make mere words like joy, peace, happiness, satisfaction, contentment a reality today through our words. We would never know how much those little words play a role on our person. Let me start from you who is reading right now..YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and I love that smile I am seeing now.

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