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The excitement of pet names
December 19 , 2013

This title is so self-explanatory, I couldnít think of anything more. I was just smiling to myself when thinking about the strange pet names Iíve been called of recent. I was never one for words though, but when I was actually called something else other than my name it was so elating. People actually donít know how sweet it is to be called a pet name till they are called one. I have seen couples call each other the most horrible pet names but because itís something they share among themselves, they enjoy it totally.

Take for example my boss lady in the office, her husband calls her Okoro (haha); thatís his own pet name for her, and to them, itís unique. It makes her laugh terribly like a child. In fact, when sheís deep in work and we all call her for one thing or the other, she turns semi-deaf (I hope she doesnít read but once her husband walks into the office, all he has to do is say Okoro, and no matter what she is deep in, the names pulls her like a magnet.

Okay, I have these friends who are dating yeah (kinda semi-married); the girl and her guy call †each other Ďbabyí all the time. Have u ever heard baby a 100 times in a conversation? If you havenít, then you need to hang around those two. At times, I feel like maybe they forget each otherís names and they just call themselves that as a little means of covering up (lol..I hope they donít read this too).

Thatís the wonders of what pet names do in a relationship. The most beautiful pet name Iíve heard are the ones Iíve been calledóthere is cuddle bunny, bambi and sweetheart (and trust me there is power in that pet name sweetheart, it works wonders)Ö

I am going to give us a little list of pet names we could try out on our partners. Here goes the list and please donít laugh. These are just suggestions.

Sugar queen (I am already laughing at that one), Honey pie, Sweetie pie, Lollipop, Sweetie, Dearie, Heart throb, Baby, My love, Omega of my heart (hahaha), Darling, Prince of my heart (this one seems more like a statement), Princess, Sugar plum, Cutie, Boo, Charming, Cinnamon, Goldie locks, Honey bun, Pickle, Apple pie, Sugar cakes, Cookie. Okay enough of the food calling I am sure we get the idea.

Now I would like to go over to a little list of names people should refrain from using. These arenít pet names, and in fact, should be regarded as an insultÖlolóCat, Doggy, Cowpie, Poopsie, Snugglefagus, Jujubee, Lovey yummy, Booger, Fart bomber, Bed bug, Mummy& Daddy (please your partner is †not your father or mother), Schnookums, Cheese cake , Silly willy, Peeky pooky, Flubber cheeks, Squeaky wiggles, Snuffer Chicken, Sugar booger, Oogie bear, Floppy. I know we all get the idea of what Iím saying, in simple none complex terms, ďstop insulting your partner indirectly with pet namesí.

On the other hand I found out that some people use pet names because they have numerous partners and they forget or mix up their names. Let us refrain from this illicit attitude, please. Like I earlier wrote, double-dating will only bite you in the butt. That said pet names are little beautiful ways couples spice up their romance, bring warm feelings and show a level of openness between each other. Using pet names the right way is advisable and okay.†

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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