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Quick Fix!
May 02 , 2013

Clear Nail Polish, Black thread, white thread, little needle, big needle, Glue, Staplers, cello tape, handkerchief, baby wipes. 

These are a few of my favourite carry around in my bag. 


I know you’re wondering why. I’ll tell you. 

You know those times when you need an emergency fix and there’s no expert around? It happens to all of us at one time or another. You know…You’re running late to work and you snap a heel or your zip is stuck for reasons best known to it...or you’re at a party and your bra strap keeps falling down your arm. Arrrgh. I know the feeling. So dear one, I have a few tid-bits - some of mine, some from others, tried and confirmed - from Wardrobe malfunctions to Pesky little stains, here are a few tips for a quick fix!

Wardrobe Malfunction: 

Fallen Hems

Wondering why I suggested staplers, thin tapes in the beginning? For a make-do hem in a hurry of course! Assuming you’re at work and you notice your hem has slipped what to do? You cut small pieces of tape to fix a hem or a few snaps with your office stapler and voila! Problem solved till you get a needle and thread.

Broken Heel

...the sole of your sandal comes off...the side of your favourite pumps come off just as you step on the bus to your job. I know how embarrassing this can get. Been there that is how I learnt to always have a tube of glue in my hand bag. If you happen to run out, you can find glue at any corner shop. Just hobble your way to a quick-semi-permanent fix.

Stuck. Zipper Stuck.

Most people have had one or more stuck zipper fiascos in their lives and I’m sure you know how disconcerting and annoying this be. Well, things are about to get better. There are two ways I know to remedy this: 

1. Try rubbing a bar of soap or a wax candle onto the problem area. With a little manipulation, the zipper should come unstuck. 

2. Rub a 2B pencil along the teeth of the zipper to coat it with the lead. This makes it quite slippery and the Zipper should be running along in no time at all! 

Button coming off?

There’s a thin line between a loose button and a missing button. The way out of this potential buzz killer is to carefully pull the strings on the button a little tighter. Try not to rip it off. Now, dab the top of the button with a little clear nail polish to prevent it from completely falling off. There you go!

So, you’re off to this all important meeting, looking like a million (insert currency here), your presentation is set to bowl everyone over to your side and this particular loose button just seems bent on getting in the way of your success today, you know what to do. 

Sweater Snag

I know haw tempting this can be. See a snag. Cut a snag. Hey, it’s a sweater. A knitted/Crotched sweater. DO NOT - I Repeat - Do not pull the snag off your sweater. That is a disaster in the making. You could end up with a mass of knitting wool and no skills. Here is what to do: Take the tip of a pointed object and push the snag through the inside of the sweater to the back. Now breathe. You may now knot the snag on the inside of the sweater and just so we’re safe, dab the knot with a little clear nail polish.

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