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Myths of relationship
February 12 , 2014

Just coming back from my desert hunt for words and came out with some funny notions and myths that I want us to share, itís basically some notions that people carry out in family and relationship matters and should be rechecked for accuracy.

1. Long distance in a relationship makes the heart fonder; well I do not agree with this, most people forget that humans and different and shouldnít be generalized. Have you ever heard of out of sight is out of mind? Well thatís the opposite.

2. All love is blind and doesnít see wrong; I laugh at this notion because if that was true why is the rate of divorce over 50% today? Why do couples fight and break up, even people in love fight. In this time and age love has eyes.

3. Romance always connotes physical passion; okay for those of us who have a dictionary letís check out the word romance. It is certain that a relationship that only entails physical passion ends up in doom.

4. Without money love is not sweet; I know some girls are screaming yess yess sorry to burst your bubble that is the reverse. The simpler things of life matters also, if you doubt this then you should get involved with a rich man who pays you no attention.

5.Romance must be pre thought and meditated, we must overly manage time so as to grow it; this is another great myth, where did the days of spontaneity go to?

6. My girlfriend or boy friend must have sex with me; sex was not the condition for man and woman to be together. God said it is not good for man to be alone, let me make him a help meet. Stop the if you love me you would sleep with me attitude

7. My boyfriend must give me money; lol I know I am offending some ladies right now, trust me it hurts me more to write this than you would understand. But letís come to face it please he isnít an ATM, ask appropriately.

8. Relationships are real hard work; some people feel love isnít worth two cents the stress. Come on, being together should not be a job, breathe in and donít choke yourself on mundane thought.

9. Once we get married everything on Gods given planet will be fine; haaaaa biko donít jump in with your head ohh. And the belief that your partner will change immediately you get married is a folk tale, change what you can when you can.

10. I donít need to say I love you; I donít need to say I love you, showing it is enough. Who says this please, is your mouth paining you? I am an advocate for I love yous only if you mean it. Say what you mean when you mean it.

11. Saying I love you is a must all the time; who ever falls into this category please take the advice above. Say what you mean and stop attempting to release an album. I love you isnít a song except you mean it.

12. You have to love everything about me; well yes and no. you have to understand though that we are all different human beings with our likes and dislikes. That is key.

13. True love is a myth and love is just an emotion; who says? Itís not just an emotion. Even if you havenít experienced human love donít forget your heavenly father, after all its his commandmentÖlol

14. Focus should be on chemistry alone; you shouldnít just think that. Then what happens to the personís character and attitude, can you leave on just chemistry?

15. You only get one chance to love; love is chemistry, lets straighten that out itís not.

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