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My Satis - answering nature's call in style
January 31 , 2013

Imagine you are in a conference, hotel or gas station and you feel the urge to answer natureís call, you ask the nearest steward at hand and you are directed to the gentís or the ladyís. As you are about settling down to business, the sonorous voice of Don Williams comes calling out of the blues and you start wondering if you are really in the restroom or a cocktail party. Thatís the effect My Satis has on its users.

My Satis is the new technology innovation from our friends in the East. A Japan-based company Lixil is the brain behind this new tool of answering natureís call in style which has never been seen before. Though there have been preceding inventions, none is as great and awesome as My Satis.

Answering natureís call has been and is still a major part of human existence. As long as there are things going in, be it in the form digestible like pizza, hamburgers and other delicious cuisines down our always demanding throat, there will always be something excreted at the other end of our digestive tract Ė garbage in, garbage out.

My Satis is a toilet that is controlled by an application, this application can be installed on any android smartphone. It is equipped with Bluetooth technology that allows the user to control the toilet right from the phone. In fact, studies have shown that one of the favorite places where we unconsciously bring out our smartphones (maybe for undisturbed chatting, net surfing or pinging) is the toilet. Hence, if you think all you can do with your smart phone is making interesting conversations, chatting, surfing and other stuffs, then you need to have rethink your direction towards having an application that offers you more flexibility.

Now the questions are what are the vital statistics of My Satis? Or what are the satisfactions I stand to enjoy if I decide to hop on the wagon of Lixilís new technological innovation?

Here are some of them.

Right from toddlers we were taught that germs are quite harmful and that they are everywhere including the toilet. This brought about the culture of washing your hands after answering natureís call but wonít it be a highly hygienic culture if we donít have to touch the toilet fittings at all, since we can operate all toilet functions such as lifting and closing the toilet seat, flushing and using the spray right from a smartphone?

My Satis can track and monitor the userís bowel movements, and through this, the health of the user can be monitored.

In a world where everything is going green and economical use of water and electricity is necessary, My Satis comes very handy and useful, as it can help the user record monitor its electricity and water usage.

My Satis also allows its users to play music right from the speakers at the base of the bowl, creating an ambience of relaxation and serenade.

With My Satis application on your mobiles, smartphones seem to have gotten smarter. So, anytime you feel the urge for natureís call, never forget to take your phone along with you.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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