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Let's talk about bras...
August 16 , 2013

The breasts are a woman’s crowning glory and bras are the tiara’s with which they’re adorned. As sure as there is a tiara for every occasion, there is a bra for every outfit. There’s a bra for every girl sadly most women have not honed the art of wearing the right bra. 

I love bras. They make breasts even more attractive than they are naturally. They’re the most important undergarments a girl can invest in. The appropriate bra gives you confidence, make you look and feel sexy. A half cup peeking under a t-shirt can be as embarrassing as a visible pany line. So this article will put bras in the right perspective. 

Now, while there are over 30 types of bras, we will just look at some wardrobe essentials a girl needs to look out for. Essentials that will not only be good for the overall health of your breasts but will also fit the right occasion.

So, let’s get down to bra business:

1. Trainer Bra: These are designed for young girls who have begun to develop breasts but aren’t quite "ready" for a standard-sized bra. 

2. Sports Bra: Provide firm support for the breasts to prevent discomfort or embarrassment during exercise, sports bras are usually made of spandex material they provide a snug fit to reduce damage done to the soft tissues of the chest while exercising.

3. Full Cup Bras: They are designed to support the whole of the breast and are a practical bra for everyday wear. Covering the entire breast makes the bra look larger than it is. The full cup is designed to give more support for the breasts, this is very important for keeping the shape and fullness of the breast. Full cup bras can be very stylish and sexy, depending on the fabric that they are made of. Ideal for larger breasts and pregnant women as less support can lead to slight breast sagging and back pains.

4. Half Cup Bra: The cup of the crop of bras stops just above the nipple and it’s suitable for super low necklines. 

5. T-shirt Bra: These are bras made without any raised seams or decoration solely to allow the bras to be worn with tight and not have obvious bra lines poking through. The cups are usually padded to hit the nipples from view and to give the bust a smoother look. They are also known as seamless bras.

6. Strapless Bras: These are designed for wearing with clothes which reveal the shoulders; strapless bras are just that, strapless. 

7. Plunge Bras: These bras are ideal for wearing under low-cut tops and many plunge bras are padded to push your breasts together to maximize cleavage. The plunge bra won’t give you the support and security you might normally want, but sometimes the WOW factor is worth the sacrifice for that special occasion.

8. Padded Bra: They have padding inside the lining that are put there solely for women with petite breasts to for a fuller look. Some padded bras may have removable inserts while others are just padded more on the lower part to give more lift and to help give the effect of more cleavage. Like I said earlier in this post, padded bras should not be confused with push-up bras. 

9. Backless Bra: Just like the name shows, the backless bra has no back and is self-supporting. It’s ideal for wearing under backless tops and dresses and off shoulder outfits.

10. Push-up Bra: Think “wonderbra” girls! These bras are built to lift the breasts and push them closer together giving the cleavage a more attractive outlook. The padding could be gel, rubber or good ol’ foam. This padding is different from padded bras (padded bra’s padding is centered under the breast while push-up bras have the padding at the side to push the breasts up!) 


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