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How to Wear Retro Right
November 19 , 2013

It’s not news that Retro is the new glam and from what I see all day, every day, not everyone can pull off the retro style; Not a lot of people even know what Retro style is about and even a lesser number can differentiate between RETRO STYLE and VINTAGE STYLE. Yes, they are different. Vintage fashion dates to 1940 while Retro fashion dates from the 40s - early 90s) I know it seems confusing sometimes, I know they’re confused as one and same all the time but that is really the difference between vintage and retro. 

In wearing Retro fashion, unless you’re gearing up for a role in a retrospective drama, your retro dressing should come off as classy not funny. I love to spice my wardrobe up with unique retro pieces that complement my personal style. 

In order to pull off the retro look without looking like you came out of one of those TCM or Hallmark channel movies, here are a few points to consider: 


1. Play around an Era:

When you wear retro fashion, let your look be inspired by the decade of choice. Be sure not to become a slave of the quirks of that period. Remember, we’re looking back, letting the past inspire the present not getting in a machine and going back in time. For instance, in order to pull of an 80s retro look, one may wear an 80s hairdo, accessorize like they would in the 80s but one must be careful about make-up. 80s make up went over the top for the most part with Heavy pink blush on the cheekbones, lots of eye liner, thick bright coloured eye shadow, coloured mascara, loud Lipstick (in red , pink and orange!!) Now, some of these can still fly (Red lipstick is everlasting!) while some have to be quietly left in the dung hills of history and drag parties.  

2. A little bit of old, a little bit of new: 

You want to avoid looking like a Halloween costume, mix retro with contemporary pieces. The best way to avoid looking like you’re in a costume is to mix retro or vintage pieces with contemporary ones for example a sleeveless 60s shift dress with a boyfriend jacket an matching gladiator sandals for dress down Friday at work. See? Itís easy, chic & "retrontemporary".

Simply bringing back looks from back in the day won’t give the desired oomph. Mixing retro with the modern keeps you looking, not just fashionable, but stylish. 

3. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! 

4. Stick to what works on you

Be mindful of your figure. Do not invest in fashion that does not flatter you no matter how much you like it! If you have long legs and a boxy torso, you’re going to look fantastic in a mini tunic dress from the 70s. If you have thick thighs and a tiny torso, waspwaisted dresses are what you need to be transformed into Ms. Dynamite.  

The knowledge that colors & cuts that flatter you don’t change just because the era does is the beginning of wisdom. Many retro styles come in colors that may be today friendly. One needs to be mindful of these things. Stick with what works for you right now. 

5. "Fashion changes, but style endures." - Coco Chanel

Sometimes looking in the past gives you a whole new take on the future, so, this is my way of saying: No matter what era you’re loving at the moment, do be its slave. Let your personal style dictate your pace because in the face of all, it is STYLE that endures. 

Yours in Style,


. . . . . . .

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