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How do your clothes make you feel?
December 19 , 2013

Have you ever looked in the mirror after dressing up and felt like a million dollars, not because your clothes cost that much but because something about the entire ensemble made you feel all warmish inside; made you feel like you could conquer everything that would be thrown your way during the course of the day?

I definitely have and one of many factors could be responsible for this reaction to the said outfit - Colour, Cut/Fit, Fabric, Sentimental value Ė These are factors that could inform the way your clothes make us feel. 


Colour. Some mornings I wake up wanting to go back to bed (Hormones or what not) I drag myself through the grooming process. Bath, teeth, etc. Guess what I do next? I reach for the most colourful outfit in my closet. (Why????)  I do this because what it does to my mood is akin to magic. I splash on red lipstick for good measure and trust me, things change. I begin to feel better about myself, I begin to feel like I could take on anything or anyone! (Why????) COLOUR. Different colours have different effects on different people. Personally, red makes me feel like super woman while black/grey means business. White makes me feel like I have no care in the world while green has a calming effect on me. 

Colour has power. It can stimulate or sedate, excite or calm, annoy or bring happy feelings. It can dampen or lift one’s spirit. Colour can transform our environment and increase productivity and trust me when I say this: When you feel good, you perform optimally in both your personal and professional life. Remember, wearing colors you love is a good way to ultimately create outfits that make you feel awesome.

Cut/Fit. Everybody has that one outfit. You know that outfit that feels like you were cut into it? That outfit that you wish all the other outfis would just emulate? It fits. And it makes you feel GOOD! If you haven’t found that outfit yet, do it. It’s good for the mind.

Fabric. What fabric makes you confident? For some it’s cotton and the calming effect it has. For others it’s linen and it’s versatility. For me it’s Silk/Satin/Chiffon. The way it floats when one moves, that’s a confidence booster for me. I always feel like the world is my fotstool in any of these. Find that fabric that makes you feel good and splurge!

Sentiments. Many of the items in your closet are they fit or because they are associated with memories of people or events. Probably a gift from a special someone or a piece you picked out for your first date/Job interview. While this is okay, one needs to be careful to stick with the positives. Researchers have found women attach emotions to clothes and we know how our hormones can get the better of us. If these memories bring you joy, keep them. If you see an outfit and sadness envelopes you, dearie, that’s your cue to trash it. 


Clothes that feel good may do so because they’re in colours you feel good in or because they are in fabrics that feel awesome against your skin. They could appeal to you or repel you because they remind you of people or events from your past or because they fit you like surgical gloves and look five times better. 

There are many reasons why clothing appeal to us and itís a good idea to wear whatever make you look and feel fabulous because when you wear clothes you don’t feel good in, it has a way of going to your psyche and ensures that you donít perform well.

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