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Good hair?
August 16 , 2013

Everyone loves good hair. EVERYONE. It looks good. It smells good. It feels good. Women struggle to get it. Men absolutely love it. 

There is a big question though: WHAT IS GOOD HAIR? 

What qualifies as good hair? What is the texture of good hair? What is the length of good hair? WHAT IS GOOD HAIR? 

Last year, I watched "Good Hair", a documentary of sorts by comedian, Chris Rock. Apparently, kinky hair didn’t make the cut. Even his little girl wanted to know. “Daddy, why don’t I have good hair?” she asked him one day. Somehow, the little princess got in her head that straight hair was better than her natural African hair. 


In actual fact, "Good Hair" is another name for "Healthy Hair". It is really sad that among the black population all over the world, good hair generally translates to relaxed hair. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but that is a dead wrong summation. Believe me, good hair could be hair addicted to relaxers (also known as “creamy crack” lol). Good hair could be kinky curls. Good hair could be another woman’s “good hair” woven onto yours (a la Brazilian, Bohemian, Peruvian etc) Good hair could be any texture, any length, any style. Maintenance is what makes the difference. 

As you’re all aware, I wear my natural hair and naturally, I’ve heard all sorts of things concerning this mane of mine. "How do you comb it?" "You really don’t want to relax your hair?" "Natural hair is just down right unmanageable." I say "Bollocks" and I mean that well. 

From experience, I can tell you ladies that KINKY HAIR IS VERY MANAGEABLE. If kinky hair gets what it wants (which is a regular bath and conditioning really...), Kinky hair feels good, looks good, smells good and grows well. 

(I must say here that the "Team Natural" movement isn’t helping much. Making women with relaxed hair feel like they are less than you hasn’t helped anyone. Her hair could also be good hair as long as she treats it well.)

I also believe in looking different every once in a while. The same way you change your outfits daily, your natural hair needs restyling after a while. There are a lot of things you could do with your natural locks. Some people believe that leaving heat treatments (flat ironing et al) out of your hair ensures that your hair stays healthy. Bollocks. Flat ironing and curling natural hair is okay as long as it is done in moderation and with the correct type of moisturizer. You should never use heat on your hair daily (No matter the kind of hair you wear - Natural or Relaxed) 

You can also style your natural hair without heat. Yes. You can braid, corn-row or twist your hair at bedtime and then unravel in the morning to give the silky, smooth coif when you’re set to go. 

Dreadlocks are also in. If you’re courageous enough to wear dreadlocks, you’re good. If not, there are artificial ways to get the natural dreadlocked look.

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Roberto      Reply     2016-03-02 10:19:17     

Anyone who cries about it being money is full of shit. You expect to be taken out on a date to a nice Resturant, On trips,.. On vtioacans, get a house and medical and a ring, And someone whines about money? LordAlmighty even the bible had exchanges of goods for women, People owned slaves for gods sake. I think Peter can do what ever he damn well pleases. The only reason others are jealous is they couldn’t get someone to spring for their bus fare. Lol. Way to rock it, Peter. Btw- nice meeting u at Guy’s shop in the Beverly/weho area on Sunset. Can’t wait till we see u again! [url=]jlqeepvgq[/url] [link=]gatnhysdo[/link]

Sinou      Reply     2016-03-02 04:57:07     

Andrew, Peter is running a very sccfessuul business offering a unique, high quality product at reasonable rates? It’s porno not prostitution. I don’t think one needs to worry about his getting old because his bio clearly indicates that he has the brains to match his good looks. Chances are that he’ll age well and still be a knock-out for decades to come anyway. I’m also sure that he doesn’t have to rely upon that nightly rate to survive and if with only one or two Ferraris :>). Don’t you think that he may be capable of true passion when having sex? I’m sure he is! The greatest obstacle in the way to good sex is all the crap that some wise men had to say about human sexuality inventing all kinds of idiotic rules and regulations which have done nothing else but make millions of people unhappy or dead. You sound as if you haven’t quite liberated yourself yet. How refreshing in contrast if someone like Peter flushes all that down the toilet and deal realistically and I mean realistically with that beautiful gift nature has given us.Arnold

Margie      Reply     2016-02-18 04:36:55     

Curls. Curls. Curls. Use flexi rods or curl formers and set it with a mouse or sentitg lotion. Allow it to air dry and you will have nice curls that you can style in different ways. You can experiment with different size rollers to have a variety of looks.

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