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Fashion versus Style
February 07 , 2014

The key to personal style is understanding your individual beauty enough to know which looks will work for you and which probably won’t. - Stacy London 

Let us get this straight: Knowing FASHION is NOT the same as having STYLE. I kid you not. As far as personal style goes, it is something that is all YOU. It defines you in more ways than the world cares to let on. 

The big questions, however, are: 

1. What is personal style? 

2. How does one get it?

Well, I know one thing for sure. YOU CAN’T BUY STYLE. Sorry to be such a spoil sport. Another thing is you really cannot explain style. It’s one of those phenomena that really cannot be put into words. Nay. Words will not be able to put it in perspective or worse still, do justice to it. It’s like asking Handel what he was thinking when the "Messiah" came to him. (Stuff that keep one speechless, Trust me) But can you tell someone has style? YES! You can feel it. You can see it. You can almost taste it. You just know there’s a marked difference. 

It could be a set of mismatched clothes or gaudy jewelry or fashion statement. It could be in your make up. It could be anything! Sometimes everything’s clashing yet someone with a sense of STYLE not FASHION can tell that a lot of thinking went into putting the outfit together. Style is when a person feels comfortable enough within them and has no qualms expressing it outwardly. 

For instance, look at Denrele Edun’s style, Its Creative/Dramatic, loud and aggressive and HIS. Hes confident in his skin, quirks and all. He knows what he wants to say with every look. Every safety pin, every stitch means something. He may look a tad bit ditzy when you look at the outfit with myopia coloured lenses, but when you get down to the crux of the matter, Hes stylish and it has absolutely nothing to do with recent trends or fads. 

I have an engineer gal pal who could make overalls look like Louis Vuitton crafted them for Lady Diana or something. Her style was very Feminine so much that, should she, by the stroke of fate, branch into the medical profession, she would make a stethoscope look like a fashion neck piece. That is style. Not what you do or wear but how you do it or wear it.  Your personal style is your own interpretation of how you want to be seen or perceived. 

Personally my style is a hybrid of Dramatic, Alluring (C’mon, I have a great figure!) and Creative, depending on the situation and my mood. I’d say 70% of the time, I’m creative. It’s in the way I put my pieces together, it’s in my accessories, it’s in my gait, it’s in my car, It’s in my handwriting, it’s in the colours I love to wear. Yes. Your style is reflected in everything you do. 

For real, there are many people, men and women, who daily struggle with basic rudiments of wardrobe organization and very often have no idea how to put an outfit together.

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