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Effective classroom management
November 19 , 2013

Managing a classroom can be likened to administering or leading a nation of diverse languages and cultures with their different needs. The laws, constitution and policies that govern them may be the same but the rate or level of compliance to these controlling measures is another thing entirely. There will sometimes be under-compliance which must be encouraged and excesses that must be curbed. Leading learning minds should be as easy as cupcakes but when things don’t go as planned and expected, then firm and strong decisions need to be made to ensure sane, sound and open-minded minds are maintained in the walls of our ‘classroom nation’.

Studies, research and experiences have shown that many teachers that are green-horns and are yet to grasp the ropes when it comes to effective management of students will experience some hiccups in managing their classrooms effectively. As aforementioned, there is no premeditated singular best way out for all difficulty or classroom challenges. This is so because not all members of the classroom experience the same challenges or exhibit the same trait of not performing in full potential. The task of managing students in a classroom becomes easier and less-challenging when some environmental and social factor are established and put in place.

Having the knowledge of what is effective and what does not work in running classrooms and the conduct of students goes a long way to assist in devising ways and means of managing the students in the classroom. Though good classroom arrangement is not a warranty for right behavior, inadequate arrangement in this area can give room to conditions that can lead to problems. The environmental factor must be attended to in such a way as to allow the teacher to monitor all students at all times and to keep an eye on their work and actions. Also the teacher must be given a clear and unrestricted line of vision to see the entrance of the classroom from his or her writing desk. Sections of the classroom and passage lanes that are regularly and frequently used should be left open, clear and free for easy accessibility.  

The teacher must be the center of attraction in the classroom at all times unless otherwise determined by the activities happening in the classroom, hence it is very important that the teacher is strategically positioned where the students do not have to engage in unnecessary movement or rotation. Educational materials such as attendance registers, books and other reference materials should be stacked where they will be readily accessible. Though, the classroom should be as plain as possible, making it look attractive through some measure of decoration and color mixing will add to the beauty of the room. 

The teacher must be vast in knowledge of classroom management. Also, management of student conduct and behavior are essential skills that teachers must attain and polish with time. Effective classroom behavioral management is fundamental to teaching and learning and require wisdom, constancy, a sense of evenhandedness, and bravery. 

Excellent classroom arrangement is not a warranty for good performance yet poor planning of the classroom area can produce circumstances that may lead to problems. Factoring the environmental factor into the equation will set the atmosphere right for greater coordination and assimilation. 

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