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Dressing your age: As the decades stack up
June 05 , 2013

I know it can get difficult with all the fashion trends that weíre bamboozled with on a daily basis. One is not even sure what is acceptable anymore. However, one can tell what is age-appropriate by looking out for a few tell-tale signs that youíre either stuck in reverse or ahead of time. See, sometimes, I dress up and look in the mirror and then I ask myself one question: HOW OLD WOULD YOU SAY YOU ARE? 

What you wear actually matters a whole lot. What you wear at 20 cannot be appropriate at 40. Perhaps that lovely mini skirt you wore to the school valedictory dance will not do for the alumni association Christmas reunion. The plunging neckline may just come off as immature or desperate depending on the observer. 

To help remedy this situation, Read on.

Adventurous 20s: 

In your 20s, brethren, you can literally run amok with your outfits and combinations. You have absolutely no boundaries as to how to wear anything. At this stage in your life, youíre still experimenting...still getting to know your body and what fits it...still trying different looks in order to stick with one in the future (read: 30 upwards) You can get away virtually anything! (Well, except sagging!) By all means, explore! Just donít let it spill over to the next decade. (Truthfully!) 

Classy 30s:

Away from all the tinkering and tweaking of your 20s, the 30s are quite tricky. Itís now time to choose one style and (try to) stick by it. CLASS is the operational word. Iím not saying transform into a total prude. No. While being totally fashion forward, you should concentrate on CLASS. Lower hemlines, Higher necklines, mature yet happy colourstotal square. The trick is to experiment with fashion-forward styles while maintaining a level of polish.

Chic 40s: 

In your 40s, donít give in to the midlife crisis that is the lot of many middle-aged. Maintain your classy look. Choose more muted colours. Add a splash of colour now and then. Nothing garish or anything that has the propensity to make you look like a kindergarten drawing class project. Ladies, accessorize more. Guys, look for embellishments that will make you look nothing like a fuddy-duddy. Dress your age, not your height in centimetres!

Elegant Twilight: 

From age 50 upwards, one must take into consideration the fact that looking dignified and distinguished is most important. Muted colours should adorn oneís wardrobe at this stage in oneís life ó black, white, and red (for ladies), grey ó are the most chic. One must be totally aware of the fact that a tasteful style is the foundation of dressing oneís age.


Now donít get me wrong. If you think you can pull off a mini skirt in your 50s, then mami, by all means, DO IT! I like minis myself. Just make sure you look chic all the time. No one wants to look like theyíre wearing their motherís clothes or stuck in their teenage daughterís clothes. 

Either way, itís bad news. 

Keeping these few points in mind, go forth and dress age appropriately!

Yours in Style,


. . .

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