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Double dating
November 19 , 2013

When a guy or a lady dates 2, 3 or more people (trust me some do) at the same time, we would safely say he or she is double dating.

Letís use this illustration. John is dating Jane, Jane hasnít gotten over her ex-boyfriend. Jane gets back with Greg her ex without breaking things off with John. John senses something is going on with Jane due to the divided attention he is getting and starts seeing and having coffee with Brenda the girl at the gift shop, after a couple of weeks John kicks things off and asks Brenda out without breaking things off with Jane. Meanwhile Gregís only reason for getting back with Jane is so that he can leave her heart broken like she did to him in the past, although Greg has a girlfriend on other side which he doesnít admit to Jane, they just see each other casually form time to time due to his assumed busy schedule ďLOLĒ.

This is just a typical cycle that occurs nowadays in most situations. Dating in the old days was when a guy and a girl (please take not of the A, which implies singularity) come together to see if they are compactable for marriage. I feel the Victorian and the Elizabethan era must have been very beautiful for couples (I love historical romance), where you have a chaperone who makes sure everything goes prim and proper. Now this modern day is an ďeverything and anything goĒ era.

At times I even think Google is our enemy when it comes to the case of double dating because some articles seem like they are in support of this lol. Well, in a normal circumstance, as the economist would say, all things being equal, itís one man to one woman. When both partners are mature enough to understand the institution of a relationship, double dating has no ground. Double dating is seen as cheating and it is unacceptable in a relationship, though the key word here is (all things being equal).

Dating one person alone isnít just a sign of self-control, it also says to your partner: I respect everything about you. The basic visible reason why a guy or girl would date more than one person at a time is because of greed or discontentment. If there was contentment in a relationship, all things working good, a guy or lady wouldnít have to look outside to see what the next new thing on the block is. For heavenís sake human beings are not phones or cars. If we are content, we wouldnít categorize and itemize people according to the size of their waists or busts or the amount of money in their bank accounts. If we donít look outside at vain things that do not matter a lady wouldnít wake up one morning and realize that her guy is too short and she wants to trade him for a taller version (didnít she know his exact height before she dived into the relationship?), some women feel money grow on trees and then hop around from guy to guy searching out who has the fattest account as if itís a competition.†

I believe (and this belief is subject to your disagreements, but please donít disagree lol) that if a guy or lady is no longer interested or happy in a relationship, they should try to sort out their differences, and if these differences canít be sorted out then they should resolve to the last option which is a separation i.e. break up. This separation should occur even before they get into another relationship with someone else. This just simply implies:

1. I respect you

2. I tried to make things work (please ensure that you did everything to)

3. I am a decent human being.

In all said, letís understand that dating two people at the same time can create unnecessary complications whether things are out in the open or not. Itís an approach that can land you and the relationship in trouble and really complicates matters of the heart.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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