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Safe sex

Safe sex, also called protected sex means taking steps before and during sex that can prevent you from getting an infection, or from giving one to your partner. Practicing safer sex doesn’t m... +

Hair: how often should I wash?

To wash or not to wash seems to be the question.

Being a nappy head, I’ve had a lot of folks ask me how often I wash my hair. In the beginning, my answer used to be very simple. ”... +

How to Wear Retro Right

It’s not news that Retro is the new glam and from what I see all day, every day, not everyone can pull off the retro style; Not a lot of people even know what Retro style is about and even a ... +

The power of a compliment

Compliments are simple words that extraordinarily brighten up our day. From a truthful mouth it works wonders on our esteem, knowingly or unknowingly. These are little words that we say to those we... +

Double dating

When a guy or a lady dates 2, 3 or more people (trust me some do) at the same time, we would safely say he or she is double dating.

Letís use this illustration. John is dating Jane, Jane hasn... +

Opinion: Ugandans and the Museveni controversies

Will I be wrong or seen as exaggerating if I say there is no other familiar name in the Ugandan political scenario and nation than President Yoweri Yaguta Museveni? Obviously I guess not, hence, th... +

Classroom Essentials

The environments in which we find ourselves determine the kind of product we become. The environment always finds a way of getting into our body, soul and into our making. How conducive the classro... +

Beauty: How much make-up is too much make-up?

There’s a fine line between just enough and too much makeup. But knowing where that line falls can be tough.

In this post, Iíll be giving you a few pointers on where to draw the lines w... +

Fashion Faux Pas: Cease and Desist II

I promised to do a sequel to the FASHION FAUX PAS post so here we are! Last post talked about fashion fails from CAMEL TOES to BUTT CRACKS & WHALE TAILS from too much CLEAVAGE to VISIBLE PANTY ... +


The Appendix

The appendix is a 3 1/2-inch-long tube of tissue that extends from the large intestine. It is a finger-shaped pouch that projects out from the colon on the lower right sid... +

Glaucoma: A leading cause of blindness

Glaucoma is a complicated disease in which there is damage to the optic nerve, associated with a buildup of fluid pressure inside the eye (aqueous humour), leading to progressive and irreversible v... +

Holiday is here

Holiday is coming; Holiday is coming, no more morning bell, no more teacherís whip, goodbye teacher, goodbye students, we are going to spend; a jolly holiday. From the part of the world where I com... +

Premier league new season...we can't wait

The pre-season break may serve as resting and holiday time for both players and coaches of the twenty clubs who have both worked tirelessly week-in-week-out from August to May to churn the best of ... +

Opinion: Amaechi crisis: the milk is not yet spilled

Gradually like drops of water it generated to an unimaginable ocean, like a burning tree it became a blazed forest. Yes! We all watched and heard it start little. No doubt, when it happened we talk... +

Let's talk about bras...

The breasts are a woman’s crowning glory and bras are the tiara’s with which they’re adorned. As sure as there is a tiara for every occasion, there is a bra for every outfit. Ther... +

Good hair?

Everyone loves good hair. EVERYONE. It looks good. It smells good. It feels good. Women struggle to get it. Men absolutely love it. 

There is a big question though: WHAT IS GOOD HAIR?&nb... +

The serene Serena

Not many growing girls can fathom why their parents push them through rigorous training exercises that span two hours daily, while their mates prefer to go to movies, Halloween, and amusement groun... +

Motivation: key to learning

What you do well with little or no supervision is probably done with a willingness to do it and a sheer belief that you are able to do it. However, being born and raised with diverse backgrounds an... +

Healthy eyes: What To Do

The eyes have been said to reflect the kind of person we are and we often take much care in enhancing them typically by applying eye-shadow, eye-liner, contact lenses and other eye products. We act... +

Fashion Faux Pas: Cease and Desist

Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.

{Attributed to Coco Chanel (1883 - 1971) French fashion designer.}

Coco Chanel probably had something else going on... +

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