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Dandruff: Home remedies that do the trick!
February 12 , 2014

Leave it on for about a 15 minutes and then wash it off using a mild shampoo. Do this daily till you get satisfactory results. Aloe Vera cleans up the scalp, and also heals and soothes the scalp.

>> One very unlikely and unheard of cure among the other dandruff home remedies is an APPLE. Apples have an enzyme called phenolase which helps fight dead skin accumulation that can clog the hair roots so eliminating the dead skin helps cure dandruff.

What to do: Squeeze out the juice from a fresh apple, add about two tablespoons of this juice to an equal amount of water and apply it on to your scalp. Leave on this juice for about ten minutes on your scalp and wash your hair normally with a mild shampoo. 

>> LISTERINE was actually formulated in 1879 by a doctor in Missouri and used as a powerful surgical antiseptic for dentists. When the good doctor sold it to a pharmaceutical company, it uses broadened and it became the first over-the-counter mouth wash ever sold in the United States. In the 1930ís and Ď40s, one its original purposes was also to fight dandruff. It may seem random, but consider that Listerine fights fungus, and one of the most common cause of dandruff is an overabundance of fungus.

What to do: Mix 2 parts water with 1 part Listerine. Pour the solution onto your scalp and massage into the scalp well. Let it sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing with water.

>> SALT is something most of us have lying around, something we use every day. But I bet you didn’t know that it can also help get rid of that pesky dandruff, huh? Salt is a natural exfoliator and those skills are needed in getting off the extra oil and dead skin flakes. This clears a path for the shampoo to reach its fullest potential. 

What to do: Gently massage 3 tablespoons of salt (I use Epsom salt but regular table salt works just fine too) into your dry or slightly dampened scalp for 2-3 minutes. Shampoo immediately afterwards. 

Finally, EATING HEALTHY helps every aspect of your well-being including being dandruff free. So, at this point, Iíll have you know that Green leafy vegetables, Fish Oils and Lean Proteins (such as fish and non-meat proteins, such as eggs, nuts, and beans) help to build nails, hair and skin and keep it coming in healthy. 

Stay Beautiful, 



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David      Reply     2016-03-02 10:19:06     

Hi Badree, we have no dealer in your ctronuy. However, we can send you the products. I recommend that you buy a couple of our trial size ginger shampoo and see if it works on you. I will send you the credit card payment link and order form in case you need it. I sometimes list the products (bottle shampoos) on Ebay, so if you want to pay US dollars, you can try Ebay. [url=]mcfndyml[/url] [link=]jcwxfzv[/link]

Maja      Reply     2016-03-02 10:18:59     

Hi Deanise, Australia is on pre-paid bag system. The smalelst bag is actually rather big. You can put as many items as it can carry. They do not actually weigh the parcel. Pre-paid courier bags are economical ways of shipping parcels but only available for local and Australian areas.I will have a few more shampoos available after Christmas and more will be coming after New Year. Once I have stock, I will update the website. Have a wonderful holday! [url=]wlsqzqvlr[/url] [link=]ljsemih[/link]

Divya      Reply     2016-03-02 04:56:51     

Merry Christmas Cissy Can I ask you a question on shinpipg please? You can ship to Australia for $22 up to 2 kg but up to 1kg only for other countries. I live in the States. I know Australia is a lot closer to you but is this the only reason for such a big difference in shinpipg cost? When will you have more ginger shampoo? I really want to buy a set of ginger shampoo and conditioner.

Stephanie      Reply     2016-03-02 04:56:41     

Hi Cissy,Hope you had a lovely wkeeendThank you I have received my order on Friday (next day after dispatch).I will need to buy some more to send to my sister and mom as they would love thispromising product. I would like to ask you that what If I like to use conditioner after shampoo rather than leave in conditioner. Could I use any other brand conditioner since you do not sell the same brand conditioner.With the Ginger Scalp massage cream is it okay to leave it overnight or its notrecommended to leave after 10 mins scalp massage?Sorry to bug you with my never ending questions/queries as I like your efficientservice with replying emails and queries/questions.

Matthew      Reply     2016-02-18 04:13:57     

Hi Carmen,I understand what you mean. Those gigner powder are actually free samples I received from suppliers. As you know, Kiwis don’t believe in gigner foot bath or foot massaging kind of things. I only send these packets to Asian customers. For Chinese products, unless they are made for exports, their packaging are not so presentable. As you can see, these herbal packs do not look attractive at all.I also enjoy relaxing hot gigner foot bath in cold winter nights. You can feel the warmth moves all the way up to your body. Have one before going to bed will give you a good night sleep and prevent catching cold. The calming and relaxation you get from gigner foot bath are so don’t know how to describe, overwhelming? Anyway, I will give you a couple every time you buy shampoo.

Raj      Reply     2016-02-18 04:00:40     

Herbal Essences.Makes hair calm (don’t get the volumizing one), and it smlels really good. When mixed with your own smell, those around you notice ^_^.You can also check out the travel size shampoos to test, or write to a company complaining about finding the right product, and they may send you a sample in the mail.Or at least coupons!Good luck!~wyn ^_^

Naa      Reply     2014-06-22 12:04:16     

If possible, wash your hair with smhapoo daily to prevent the spread of bacteria. One of the effective solutions for dealing with dandruff is to use the commercially prepared medicated smhapoos meant for removing the dandruff. They are very effective in disinfecting the scalp. But if you suffer from dry scalp, daily smhapooing can cause eczema. Shampooing once in 3 days is the best solution.Consulting the dermatologist or skin specialist if you have stubborn and difficult-to-manage dandruff. Was this answer helpful?

Rahul      Reply     2014-06-22 10:05:59     

Washing your hair with a good quality shoapmo and conditioner choosing the mildest option is best I think. Don’t use baby shoapmo. Surprisingly or not so surprisingly your diet can affect your scalp. Alkalising yourself and taking supplements is an option to consider. How’s your stress levels. My goodness hair loss sounds pretty drastic at any time dandruff or not. Have a massage. Take a float. Meditate or something. Good luck with the western quick fix or Chinese herbalist or whomever you see. Was this answer helpful?

Zena      Reply     2014-06-22 00:34:43     

Are you sure it’s psoriasis red and itchy or is it just dadunrff? I have a lot of peeling skin in my eyebrows, but it’s neither red nor irritated, so I can’t quite pinpoint what it is. Some people just experience more peeling than others. We also go through phases when the skin peels more than other times usually when the weather begins to warm up. Try using a dadunrff shampoo like Head and Shoulders to get rid of the flakes. If it’s irritated and red, though, try asking your doctor.All the best!- Lauren

Teresita      Reply     2014-06-21 21:51:21     

dandruf is really very hrumfal for your hair. If you believe in natural therapy then u can try this one as it really works. Take coconut oil and put lemon drops in it. warm it and massage it in your head with your finger tips for 10 minutes such that all your scalp get wet with oil in evening. leave that for whole night. wash your hair with a natural shampoo for dry hairs. wash hair properly so that no shampoo remains in your hair pores. and apply some light hair oil in small quantity in the roots of your hair while your hair is half wet. try this procedure on the interval of 2 days. don’t use anti-dandruff shampoos. Was this answer helpful?

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