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Dandruff: Home remedies that do the trick!
February 12 , 2014

You know that awkward moment when your colleague at work whom you consider a friend asks "Hey what’s that on your shoulders? Like grains of sand or flakes of something..." Or that more embarrassing moment when they discreetly slap off the errant "grains" off your pretty black suit right before you walk in to make that life changing presentation. 

That is the awkward moment I’m thinking of right now. That "Ouch. She has dandruff! moment. In my books it’s worse than having a body odour. Okay that was a joke but did you know that dandruff is probably the worlds most common hair problem? It has many causes, a few of which are such everyday things that you would not believe that these could cause something like dandruff and a few of common as well as uncommon causes of dandruff are Dry Skin, Not shampooing regularly (or properly a la Lather, Rinse, Lather again.), Yeast allergy (Please, I do not mean the yeast that is used for baking breads. This yeast is a type of fungi or spore that is present in the air), Malassezia (a fungus that is naturally present on everybody, usually harmless but grows specifically in areas where more oil glands are located. When the oil glands over work, the fungi multiply, causing sebaceous gland blockage thereby causing inflammation and itching hence, dandruff), In some cases, certain types of illnesses such as weak immunity, people recuperating from heart attacks and strokes and also Improper diet (here this means a diet containing less than the  required amount of zinc, vitamins and fats).

Dandruff is difficult to get rid of but definitely not impossible. With proper and regular care, dandruff can be eliminated once and for all. Some of the best dandruff home remedies are found right in the house and that is where we’re off to at this moment: The Kitchen! Ive put together a few home remedies Some of which I have personally tried out. Some are fairly popular, others you may be hearing about for the first time. Either way, you’re winning!


>> OLIVE OIL remains one of man’s most important discoveries. Of all the home remedies used for dandruff, olive oil happens to be the most popular.  Since dandruff is caused mostly by a dry scalp, olive oil is an obvious home remedy for dandruff that you can think of (being an awesome moisturizer!) 

What to do: Massage warm olive oil onto the scalp in gentle circular motions at night before going to sleep. Keep the olive oil overnight and wash with a mild shampoo in the morning. Remember to wrap your head in a cotton scarf to absorb the oil. You can also apply olive oil on your hair before a wash; let it stay for 15-20 minutes before shampooing. 

>> LEMON JUICE is assumed to be natural bleach because of the citric acid content in the juice and because of this, many people assume that using lemon juice on their hair can bleach it. Sorry to burst the bubble but this very popular myth is just that what it is. A myth. Lemon juice has antifungal properties which make it an essential weapon to fight dandruff.  Its also free from harsh chemicals and other unnatural ingredients that often do more harm than good to our hair and scalp-plus it leaves you smelling clean and fresh. So when next life hands you dandruff, hand it lemons. 

What to do: Massage 2 tablespoons of lemon juice into your scalp and let it sit for a minute. Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice into 1 cup of water and rinse your hair with it. Repeat daily until the dandruff is all gone.

>> Rinsing your hair with VINEGAR (specifically white vinegar) may sound like a "hell-no!" idea, but it can be quite effective in treating dandruff because it actually addresses the root of the problem. 

Remember, dandruff is the result of skins cells maturing and dying too fast, building up, and causing irritation. What vinegar will do is to get rid of the unwanted skin that would flake off into dandruff. Let’s just say vinegar acts like a fungicide.  Using it is straightforward, simple, and is probably easier on your hair than some shampoos out there. 

What to do: Mix 1/2 cup warm water and 1/2 cup white vinegar in a cup. Pour the mixture over your hair, scrub it around gently for several minutes, and then rinse it thoroughly with water (only water!) Because you have to wait about 8-12 hours before taking a normal shower, its advisable that you do this treatment in the evening. 

(Repeat once every week or two weeks, depending on how often you feel like it.)

>> ALOE VERA gets another pat on the proverbial back. It repairs raw broken skin on the scalp that is caused by irritation and itching of the scalp. Aloe Vera gel also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties so it acts as a clarifying agent on the scalp and keeps dandruff away. Aloe Vera is a MIRACLE!

What to do: Apply Aloe Vera gel directly on your scalp. Leave it on for about a 15 minutes and then wash it off using a mild shampoo.

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Stephanie      Reply     2016-03-02 04:56:41     

Hi Cissy,Hope you had a lovely wkeeendThank you I have received my order on Friday (next day after dispatch).I will need to buy some more to send to my sister and mom as they would love thispromising product. I would like to ask you that what If I like to use conditioner after shampoo rather than leave in conditioner. Could I use any other brand conditioner since you do not sell the same brand conditioner.With the Ginger Scalp massage cream is it okay to leave it overnight or its notrecommended to leave after 10 mins scalp massage?Sorry to bug you with my never ending questions/queries as I like your efficientservice with replying emails and queries/questions.

Matthew      Reply     2016-02-18 04:13:57     

Hi Carmen,I understand what you mean. Those gigner powder are actually free samples I received from suppliers. As you know, Kiwis don’t believe in gigner foot bath or foot massaging kind of things. I only send these packets to Asian customers. For Chinese products, unless they are made for exports, their packaging are not so presentable. As you can see, these herbal packs do not look attractive at all.I also enjoy relaxing hot gigner foot bath in cold winter nights. You can feel the warmth moves all the way up to your body. Have one before going to bed will give you a good night sleep and prevent catching cold. The calming and relaxation you get from gigner foot bath are so don’t know how to describe, overwhelming? Anyway, I will give you a couple every time you buy shampoo.

Raj      Reply     2016-02-18 04:00:40     

Herbal Essences.Makes hair calm (don’t get the volumizing one), and it smlels really good. When mixed with your own smell, those around you notice ^_^.You can also check out the travel size shampoos to test, or write to a company complaining about finding the right product, and they may send you a sample in the mail.Or at least coupons!Good luck!~wyn ^_^

Naa      Reply     2014-06-22 12:04:16     

If possible, wash your hair with smhapoo daily to prevent the spread of bacteria. One of the effective solutions for dealing with dandruff is to use the commercially prepared medicated smhapoos meant for removing the dandruff. They are very effective in disinfecting the scalp. But if you suffer from dry scalp, daily smhapooing can cause eczema. Shampooing once in 3 days is the best solution.Consulting the dermatologist or skin specialist if you have stubborn and difficult-to-manage dandruff. Was this answer helpful?

Rahul      Reply     2014-06-22 10:05:59     

Washing your hair with a good quality shoapmo and conditioner choosing the mildest option is best I think. Don’t use baby shoapmo. Surprisingly or not so surprisingly your diet can affect your scalp. Alkalising yourself and taking supplements is an option to consider. How’s your stress levels. My goodness hair loss sounds pretty drastic at any time dandruff or not. Have a massage. Take a float. Meditate or something. Good luck with the western quick fix or Chinese herbalist or whomever you see. Was this answer helpful?

Zena      Reply     2014-06-22 00:34:43     

Are you sure it’s psoriasis red and itchy or is it just dadunrff? I have a lot of peeling skin in my eyebrows, but it’s neither red nor irritated, so I can’t quite pinpoint what it is. Some people just experience more peeling than others. We also go through phases when the skin peels more than other times usually when the weather begins to warm up. Try using a dadunrff shampoo like Head and Shoulders to get rid of the flakes. If it’s irritated and red, though, try asking your doctor.All the best!- Lauren

Teresita      Reply     2014-06-21 21:51:21     

dandruf is really very hrumfal for your hair. If you believe in natural therapy then u can try this one as it really works. Take coconut oil and put lemon drops in it. warm it and massage it in your head with your finger tips for 10 minutes such that all your scalp get wet with oil in evening. leave that for whole night. wash your hair with a natural shampoo for dry hairs. wash hair properly so that no shampoo remains in your hair pores. and apply some light hair oil in small quantity in the roots of your hair while your hair is half wet. try this procedure on the interval of 2 days. don’t use anti-dandruff shampoos. Was this answer helpful?

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