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Cash and Style: Close Relatives?
April 01 , 2013
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I’m a big fan of style. I’m also of the school of thought that unanimously agree your clothes don’t have to be expensive to be chic or glamorous. It doesn’t have to be haute couture to give that vavavoom effect. 

A great example is Helen Hunt’s outfit at the last Oscars. She wore navy blue H&M number! Okay, she could’ve ironed it just a little bit but I put that lovely dress side by side other ”expensive” outfits on that red carpet - for example, Reese Witherspoon’s Electric blue Louis Vuitton dress - and I couldn’t tell the difference. 

Sometimes, I can’t bring myself to understand why these ”branded” clothes are so expensive. I would never break my back to buy a branded outfit and so on, just because they have a ”name tag”.

However, the usually high price difference reflects the quality of the fabric, the cut and originality of the style. 

I’d like to break to you that style is not a question of how much you have in your wallet. Staying fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean spending oodles of hard-earned money - YEAH! All you need are a few tricks and you’re on your way to being a Stylista while not burning a hole in your pocket!

Here are a few tips:


First things first - Pay attention to fabrics. Please avoid shiny fabrics. They have a way of looking cheap no matter how much you invested in them. Whenever you’re going shopping, buy cheaper t-shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers or jeans because that way, you can wear them with very stylish accessories - Shoes, handbags, belts, Scarves - Which may be expensive (Do not be afraid. This is allowed.) Or maybe pretty, expensive-looking, costume jewelry. Top off the look with one or two good wrist-watches and you, my darling, are good to go!


Another way of getting the expensive impression without spending so much is by being on the look-out for high-quality items at bargain prices. Pay attention to the seam finishing. Make sure there are no factory faults or stains that may not wash off, etcetera. You may also try thrift markets. You will find many cheap and high-quality stuff in thrift markets. Check to make sure they don’t have a permanent damage before paying for them.


Color matching is really important. Just like in make-up, if you mix all the colors of the rainbow (Yes.), you’ll just succeed in looking like a cheap masquerade. You must find out what colors look good on you – Light-skinned or dark-skinned - and you must learn how to blend them correctly. That said, do not forget black! Yes! Black has always been the color of elegance and class and it can be used for anything at all because of its versatility. Black, no matter how cheap, has a way gleaming up anything it’s matched with. So be sure to buy loads of black separates for different occasions.


NIP. TUCK. EMBELLISH. Yes. Change is good. Make changes. You can add a dash of ”fabulousity” to your wardrobe just by rolling up your sleeves, pulling out you sewing kit and embellishing your stuff. Change a few buttons on your shirts…attach a cowrie to your plain sandals…add a fresh twist to an old dress, ANYTHING! If you don’t own a sewing kit, get one today and learn to do the basic stuff. Buy buttons of different shapes and sizes. Buy any other embellishments that catch you eye and apply them on your favorite shirt. You’ll be shocked at how magic can happen with just a few sequins.

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