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Beauty: How much make-up is too much make-up?
October 07 , 2013

There’s a fine line between just enough and too much makeup. But knowing where that line falls can be tough.

In this post, Iíll be giving you a few pointers on where to draw the lines where make up is concerned, you know, just so one is on the side of caution instead of damage control. Savvy? 

First of all, you need to find what fit you: Facial structure, personal style, season, outfit etc. You need to be sure what you want to say with your make-up. You don’t want your make up to say "Trashy", "Confused" or "Has Trust Issues". I’m dead serious here! 


Teeth stick? 

I will start with the lipstick for purely selfish reasons. Yes. Lipstick is about the only makeup I wear daily and Iíve learnt the art of wearing it right so when I see women who wear so much lip colour that it eventually ends up on their teeth, it irks me personally! Lip stick coloured teeth is a sure fire way to know you’ve got too much lip stick on. If you find lipstick colouring your teeth, please, that is your cue to wipe and re-apply like this: Apply one thin coat and blend in with a lipstick applicator, your finger or by pressing your lips together. If you want a deeper shade, just apply several times using the same technique.


Lady Gaga is not a make-up model!

If after putting on your make up, every single feature stands out, you are doing something wrong. When you apply make-up, concentrate on making one of your feature stand out while other features take a more neutral look. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: LESS IS MORE. Indeed. So except it’s runway makeup, DON’T DO IT.


Foundation or Fake tan?

If there is a VISIBLE difference between the color of your face and your neck (and maybe the rest of your body), there is a problem. It’s either you have piled on your foundation or you absolutely got the tone wrong. Always make sure your foundation matches your skin tone and please, please, do not pile foundation on. It just gives you this caked, fake look - like a fake tan or worse.


You’re a canvas not a palette, Lady.

As much as I love buying eye makeup palettes with as much as 20 different shades in them, I can’t go around with all those different colours on my face. The fact that you have all those many colors doesn’t mean you need to USE them all! I’m not saying you should not experiment with colours, just tread cautiously. Whether you’re not that into makeup (Like me) or you’re some sort of makeup aficionado, you should be careful that your make-up doesn’t end up like someone emptied a box of water colours on your face. 


If you can’t wash it off in 3 minutes flat, IT WAS TOO MUCH IN THE FIRST PLACE. 

Yes. If you wash your face every night (and you should), and it takes you longer to wash off than it took you to pile on, it means you overdid it more than a tad bit. Make sure that you choose a face wash or makeup remover that is effective. If none of those is available, trusty old Vaseline will do the trick even faster. If you have to clean you face for more than 3 minutes, you have on way too much!


Makeup is a girl’s best ally (Right next to diamonds). Make up helps communicate a personal style that only makeup can show. However, makeup can become your worst enemy if you do not master the art of wearing just "Enough" make-up. 

No matter your style, you don’t want to come off as tacky. You want to accentuate your beauty not make it questionable.  So whether you’re a make-up buff or a one-in-a-whiler, moderation is key. Remember, the fact that it’s in the makeup box doesn’t mean you must use it. 

That said, there are many more ways to know if you have too much make up on but this is the much we can take on the topic. If you have any tips of your own on ways to tell if you have too much makeup on, please use the comment box. 

Stay Beautiful.


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