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Addiction - Wriggling Free
October 19 , 2016

When the purpose
of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Anyone who faces a testing
challenge on addiction heads on and manages to get out of it unscathed is
greatly fortunate. For such people, they end up been loyally in love with their
God and their reward is life and more stable life.

An addiction is a
habit or practices the damages, jeopardizes or shortens life but when it is ceased
causes trauma to the victim. Many thought that only those drinking or smoking
are the ones suffering from addictions but this is not so.

Addiction comes in
different variations which could be habit of drugs, stealing, indiscriminate sex,
lies, covetousness and the silly cravings for what is wrong and so on. A lot of
things have been taken for granted while trying to fit into the society, which
is not meant to be, what is wrong now becomes the order of the day.

Devotions to the
aforementioned vices can be helped and avoided with the help of family and
friends and sometimes therapy. Altering something from the reason and purpose
it was created can only lead to damning consequences because it has been abused
and deviated.

Abstinence is a
key ingredient to retracing your step but seeing abstinence as the impossible
is a sham to keep you chained into the addiction. There is nothing called
impossible in life’s dictionary, though it can be really difficult to achieve
and rough through the journey but with adequate help it can be controlled; for
heaven help those who help themselves, making all things possible.

Proper guidance
and leading will take you through to your freedom as your eyes will be opened
to the things that are right and which are not. You will know how it can be
corrected and avoided. Also, getting to know what draws you to the cravings and
avoiding them will be of help in getting you out of those addictions.

Endeavor to apply and
stick to the regimen designed to get you out of addiction and I know the
strength you need to let go of every undesirable act will be part of your daily
routine. Best wishes.

Learn more about this author, Odunayo Iyiola.
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