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A huge mess
December 19 , 2013

How are we? Okay, I agree, this is a strange way to start an article, but itís because of the strangeness of the topic I have in mind. I donít even know what it should be called thatís why I gave it huge mess. Iím sure someone would be thinking, ďmess, as in issues or problems in a relationshipĒ. Well, nope!

I have been thinking to myself about the literal FARTING in relationships. lol. You know what? Iíve seen so many people make an issue out of it. I even know a couple of people who say farting in front of your partner is disrespectful (I am sure some people are nodding their heads vehemently). Most people feel farting in general and in a relationship is strange and should be banned from the existence of things.

I have this lady yeah, who has been married for five years, has had a couple of kids for her husband and she claims to have never let out a big one in front of her husband. Well, how true that claim could be, I donít know. But from her facial expression when she spoke about it, Iím guessing it is a taboo to her, and anyone involved in this act should be burnt at a stake after being stripped of their flesh. Farting to her was just simply wrong on every degree and level.†

Well, personally being silly, I have this logic: we have a bathroom for bathing, toilet to do the deed when needed, a bedroom for sleeping, a kitchen for making those incredible meals (aka concoction rice, thatís my, but unfortunately we donít have an actual place allocated for farting (maybe they should have created a fartlet or a Let me stop being silly.

When it comes to this situation, though, I feel couples should quit over reacting. Iím sure you would die of worry if your guy, girl, husband, or wife goes for a surgery, comes out and doesnít fart for like three days. We would be the ones wooing and cooing and begging for them to fart (except you secretly want that person to die)

Come on, this is just a necessity of life that happens, but should be engaged in a way that wouldnít repulse your partner. You should and could take a silent excuse, walk away and do your business (this option is for the shy people or the ones who donít agree itís natural to fart before your guy or girl), thatís just one school of thought. We have the other class of people, the ĎI canít shout I canít kill myself set of people,Ē the people who feel itís cool to let it rip once in a while. These people feel itís okay to literally mess around lolÖthese are the free as bird couples, who sow their seeds in the presence of each other.

That said I just wanted to point out how not to make a mountain out of a mole hill in our relationship. I started this write up when I was thinking of how couples have real bad arguments over little issues which they could avoid by simply turning a blind eye to some things. Really a lot of issues can be waved off just by deciding to have an understanding of our partners. So personally, I would say life is too short to bother ourselves over issues like farting, except your man or lady is farting in public and doing it continuously and on purposeÖthen we could say we have a huge messÖ!!!!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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