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5 Natural remedies for a Healthy Skin
June 05 , 2013

Everyone wants a healthy skin. No one wants their skin to look like something a cat smeared vomit on. We all want a clear complexion no matter the colour - Dark Chocolate, Brown Chocolate, Yellow, Orange, Red, paper white - We all want our skin to exude beauty. 

In this post I wont be talking about the numerous beauty products in the shops and markets these days. Lord knows those havent done much for my very sensitive skin. 

Maybe you just havent found one that works! A friend of mine said to me a long time ago after one of my many experiments went bonkers...again!

Well, thanks to my inquisitive, adventurous soul, I decided it was time to chuck them chemicals and try natural products (produced in my kitchen of course!)

Below are some of the numerous natural remedies I tried during the experimental phase. These things are stuff you have around you all day...Youre probably eating one of them as you read this!

1. Oranges

Its not just the pulp of oranges that are nutritious. The peel does wonders for the skin as well! 

First of all, eat your orange because you need a regular supply of Vitamin C.  Now, rub the peel directly on your face and skin. To ensure that you extract the peel juice optimally, pinch the peels with your nail then keep on rubbing the peel on your skin till it darkens. 

Do not wash immediately. Wait for 15-30 minutes then wash off with cold water. Do not use any cleanser or soap after this application. Your skin will glow and be squeaky clean. For those who have tried it, they say it ensures reduction in blemishes and dark spots. 

2. Banana 

Yes Bananas! Well, the skin actually. You eat your banana to get your vitamins and proteins and then, instead of throwing the skin, use it to make your skin lush. 

Rub the banana peel on your skin and let it stay for 5-15 minutes then take a shower. Your skin should come out smooth and soft. Banana nourishes and moisturizes your skin well. Regular usage would ensure your dark spots and blemishes are all gone. Enjoy a flawless skin. 

3. Vaseline a cleanser! I discovered this one recently. Im not a makeup person so Ive never used it. I discovered it through my make-up artist friend. Vaseline + warm water is a great way to remove make-up while saving you money on cleansing lotions. Its just two simple steps: First rub vaseline all over your face and then wipe off with a hot towel and voila! 

All the days make up and dirt come off, and your skin feels refreshed with just enough moisture. Its quite easy and very effective!

4. Yogurt

Yogurt is a very important natural beauty aid. Rub yogurt on the face every morning just before you take a bath. After a few minutes, wash it off with cold water. This will keep the complexion smooth, healthy and fresh. 

5. Epsom Salt + Water

This is a personal favorite and its one I use at least twice a week. 

In the shower or bath, mix a handful of Epsom salt with a tablespoon of olive oil and rub all over your wet skin to exfoliate and soften then rinse thoroughly.

Like I said, I experimented quite a bit. Some worked, some didnt.

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