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Opinion: Amaechi crisis: the milk is not yet spilled
August 16 , 2013

Gradually like drops of water it generated to an unimaginable ocean, like a burning tree it became a blazed forest. Yes! We all watched and heard it start little. No doubt, when it happened we talked about it, mused about it and we never in any way thought it will go thus far. It started as one little misunderstanding between two political gladiators in Rivers state that is: Governor Ameachi and his former chief of staff Nyelson Wike, who is currently the Federal Minister of State for Education, and then moved to the shame at the Governors Forum Chairmanship election, whereby Governor Amaechi was cheaply cheated by manipulating his victory with the incredible mathematic formula of 16 is greater than 19. As if it was not enough, these trends of political humiliations continued, as governor Ameachi was eventually suspended from the Peoples’ Democratic Party for reasons which were best known to the party members. 

The latest and worst fire burned right under the nose of the governor when on the 9th of July, 2013 five members of a 32-member House of Assembly claimed that that they had impeached the former speaker of the house, elected their own speaker after allegedly suspending 15 other members of the house who were said to be loyal to Governor Amaechi. Expectedly, the act was resisted and this further emanated to unbelievable assault and battery in which the mace was not only broken but also used as a veritable assault weapon and object. So violent was the fateful sitting of 9th July 2013 that some of the members of the House had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment. The drama further continued the following day when supporters of the governor who converged at the premises of the House, of the House, apparently in solidarity with the members of the majority, were tear-gassed for refusing to leave on the orders of the police. There are some allegations that some tear gas canisters entered into the Governor’s lodge.

Now, this latest happening in Rivers State and the other occurrences which have subsequently happened already to the Rivers State governor, Hon. Amaechi is therefore an eye-opener and foresight to many yet to come his away. This also gives us an unpleasant opportunity to reflect deeply on the rationale behind these unceasing attacks made on the governor and his polity. I mean let’s ask ourselves is it that Governor Ameachi is the only governor in this country? Why should one man be singly oppressed and thrown off balance like he is actually and currently been done? Even if he has stepped on the toes of the powers that be above as alleged the point is, is he the first to that? Are all these things occurring to this man simply ordinarily?

 Well, why many of you may be concerned about finding out the rationale behind these incessant attacks on Gov. Ameachi and his government, I may not. What I am concerned about here is to open the eyes of the governor to see what is coming before him. The fact is, whatever could be the rationale behind these attacks, be it good or bad, I want to say that these crisis have not reached the intended height in which whoever may be behind this crisis wishes to take it to. The fact is, I sense more evil and danger befalling Amaechi.  Because, if Ameachi’s victory as NGF chairman can be easily manipulated, his suspension from the Peoples’ Democratic Party well enhanced, and then the move to destabilize him from power in his own state which he has a constitutional authority over can be facilitated without much ado, then he should be expecting the worst ahead. I want to say that Amaechi should stand with his eyes widely open and ready to fight his way to safety and freedom because the milk is not yet spilled.   

Power of Love or Love of Power?

Leadership experts and coaches will always say that in every democracy there are two powers which define and drive its leadership; ‘’the power to love and the love of power’’. The power of love motivates effective leadership hence the interest of the people becomes the real drive of such leadership. On the other hand, the love of power spurs chaos and in turn spoils democracy hence the selfish intent which gears such leadership. Therefore, it is pertinent to always examine the motive of every chain of leadership at certain context of democracy like now in which the era of 2015 is drawing closer and stakes are getting higher on who champions the course of leadership during this period.

Whether we pretend to be in know or not, there is an undertone political fight going on between the north and south on who becomes the next president of this country. The northerners are saying that it is now their legit time to hold power in while the southerners are trying hard to maintain power. Just recently, six northern organisations comprising of Arewa Consultative Forum, Northern Elders Forum, Arewa Re-awakening Forum, Arewa Research and Development Project, Northern Union and the Code Group insisted at a news conference in Kaduna that the North must provide the nation’s president in 2015. They said their insistence is based on their agreement that presidency should return to the region. NEF Spokesman and former adviser on food security to ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo, Prof. Ango Abdullahi, who spoke for the groups, warned that if parties to the pact failed to adhere to it, the north would use its numerical strength to ensure that power returned to it in 2015. 

 Abdullahi said, and I quote; ‘’the north is determined and is insistent that the leadership of this country will rotate to it in 2015 and I am making that very clear to you (journalist). The north on the basis of one man one vote can keep power in indefinitely in the present Nigerian state. If it is on the basis of one man, one vote, demography shows that the North can keep power as long as it wants because it will always win elections’’. This statement clearly shows the submission of the north on the issue of the president in 2015; we see the rigid and tough approach which the norths are already taking towards making a next president.

Now talking about the south, we all know that the incumbent president has been nursing secretly the agenda of contesting the position of the presidency again in 2015. Even if he denies and pretends about this, we still see this through the moves been made daily whether by him or his supporters.

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