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What's next after graduation?

As toddlers we mumble, bubble, and cuddle innuendos by imitating those who raised us or those we see as guardians. Such words like papa, dada and mama come readily to your mind right ... +

AFCON 2013: Birth of New Eagles

Buuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! That’s the typical overwhelming and deafening sound that greets you as you find your way into any of the venues of the 2013 African Cup of Nations. Like swarm of bees buzz... +

Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password without Password Reset Disk

Level:  for experienced or advanced users

Recently, we had to fix one of the faulty computers at the office, but couldn’t access the desktop area because the user had forgotten the local... +

2013: What will be the tune of Nigerian politics?

A friend once said, “each year holds a fresh challenge for Nigerian politics.” According to him, the Nigerian political structure has been transformed lately to a crisis territory. Challenges bec... +

A journey to find true love

Every reasonable entity – people, organizations, institutions – use the beginning of the year to determine the level of preparedness to make the most out of it; either through personal goal adventu... +

My Satis - answering nature's call in style

Imagine you are in a conference, hotel or gas station and you feel the urge to answer nature’s call, you ask the nearest steward at hand and you are directed to the gent’s or the lady’s. As you are... +

Solution: Windows 7 installation missing or corrupt file


Have you ever experienced this error while installing Windows 7?

”Windows cannot copy files required for installation. The files may be corrupt or missing.... +

How to install Curl in XAMPP

Just like some web hosts, XAMPP normally comes with CURL disabled. You will have to do some quick manual editing to get it working. Here’s the simple process.

1. Locate the following ... +

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